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Between the Dark and Light Side

Kale Delvar
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Kale is the youngest child in a family of three boys. His oldest brother is three years older than him and the other brother is about a half an hour older, being Trever hidden_sith his identical twin brother. He was raised on the rim world of Garqi on a farmstead with his brothers and parents. It was a rather nice farmstead. According to his mother, Talia, the farmstead used to belong to her father as a retreat from the bustle of the inner rim worlds. Kale spent most of his time on the farmstead, mostly ignorant of galaxy events.

Kale Delvar's father, Calenvir Delvar, was a Jedi Knight who left the Order when he fell in love with a Corellian Merchant's daughter, Talia. The two of them ran delivery ships for her father. They were quite happy.

And then the Jedi purge happened.

As soon as Calenvir realized what was happening, which was rather quickly, he and Talia retreated to the homestead where they would have and raise their children. The reasons for their exile, were that Talia’s family wasn’t happy with her choice of husbands and while weren’t disinheriting her were sending her off in basic exile to care for their interests in the outer rim on the planet Garqi. Which is what she did while Calenvir took care of the homestead and the children.

The first child, Nalden was born about a year after they were settled on the homestead. Much to Calenvir’s relief the boy wasn’t force sensitive. Four years past in relative safety and obscurity when Talia gave birth again. This time she gave birth to twin boys, Trevador and Kale. This time Calenvir’s luck didn’t hold out. The twins were force sensitive.

Kale and his twin were raised in their home under constant supervision. Like their older brother they were educated by droids in the home. Calenvir made sure he spent extra time with the twins quietly trying to train them not to use their force abilities, in order to protect them from being taken away by the Empire. Fortunately they were in a very out of the way place and the Empire hadn’t landed yet.

Kale and Trever were very close as young children. They developed their own language between the two of them which no one but they could understand. Until they were two they didn’t speak basic at all. Eventually they learned to speak basic to the rest of the world, but they would often revert to their own language when they wanted to be secretive.

Being identical twins, they were each other’s own best friends. They did everything together, from roaming the farmstead to playing pranks on people who couldn’t tell the difference between the two. These pranks never affected his parents because they could always tell who was who. Trever was the more out going of the pair, often pulling Kale along. They didn’t seem to mind being stuck on the farmstead because it was full of places to explore and play.

When the Empire landed, any outside the farmstead privileges that the twins had were revoked. Both of them bristled at the loss of freedom and tried to run away, but were caught on the several instances that they did. Two red headed identical boys were rather easy to spot. Eventually they learned to stay home, though they resented it.

The year of the Battle of Yavin the reason for them needing to stay hidden became painfully obvious though. Their father went into the capital to get supplies and never returned. He ran into an Imperial Inquisitor, and that was the last that was heard from him. The twins had sensed that something was wrong with him, but couldn’t give a definite answer as to what was wrong. When Talia went into town to see what had happened, she came back a shaken woman. It took her a long time to tell her sons what had happened. Their father’s death hit the twins in different ways. Trever became angrier at what was happening, while Kale became more withdrawn.

Soon after the twins turned nineteen, Trever managed to run away, vowing to seek revenge for his father. Kale was left in shock, having never been separated from his twin brother before. Kale stayed at home with his mother, having retreated into himself at the loss of his brother.

Then one night he woke up with the extreme desire to leave, to go out and to find his brother. It was as if some one was calling out to him. Unable to shake the feeling, Kale followed it, leaving his mother a few days later to follow his brother into the unknown.

He found himself in the Nexus and met up with Tobias, the Exile, who agreed to take him on as a Padawan.

Like Trever, Kale is murderously protective of his brother and his only real loyalty is to Trever. However, he has also grown affectionate with Tobias, much to Trever's despair.

Kale is psychometric which allows him to read objects and people, experiencing events as they have.

Kale was also recently ripped from the Force, much like Tobias was. Which is Not a Good Thing.

Recently Tobias having broken up with Kale and gone back home, Kale has decided to see What Is Out There and has left home, his family, and Trever.